Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to hard reset Cherry Mobile Pearl?

I usually fix my gadgets on my own. Because why would I pay someone to fix my gadget if I can do it. But if I can’t or after trying a lot of ways to fix it and I really can’t, that’s the time that I am letting somebody fix it. But this phone that I fixed is not mine. Its owner is a friend of mine.

Her problem is that when she opens her phone, she always gets this “Unfortunately your Messaging has stopped working” prompt. Not only her messaging but almost all of the apps installed on her phone that she can’t use it at all. So resetting it to its original factory setting is very hard if because she can't go to her phone settings. But the good thing is, there is another option, it is called hard reset. It is not as easy when you reset it through your phone settings, but I’m sure you can do this one.

Here’s the method I did:

  1. First, turn off your phone.
  2. Then, press the power button and volume down button together.
  3. Release it after you see the PEARL logo then wait for a few seconds.
  4. If you can see, the next screen displayed is the android picture stating below that there is no command. Do not worry.
  5. Just press the power button once. Then there it is. The Android recovery system screen will now show.
    Be careful in using the volume up and down button because the volume down button will not let you highlight or select the option above instead it will perform the highlighted option. Just follow my instructions so that you will successfully hard reset your cherry mobile pearl phone.

    And below is this eight (8) available options:

    • Reboot system now
    • Apply update from ADB
    • Apply update from SD card
    • Apply update from cache
    • Wipe data or factory reset
    • Wipe cache partition
    • Back-up user data
    • Restore user data

  6. Press the volume down until the highlighted area will the wipe data of factory reset option. If you notice, pressing the home/enter button will not work. So press the volume up button instead.
    Your phone will now perform option you selected. Then wait for a couple of minutes.
  7. After that, your phone will restart then you’re done.

This method can also be applied to another phone. I tried doing it with a cherry mobile flare phone, and it still did work.

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