Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Canon MP258 – E,0,3 Error Code Resolve

       Way back 2011, I was a college graduating student back then, I have a lot of projects and a thesis to print. I have tried bringing it to an internet café and paying them per page just to print the entire document I needed. But because they’re just too many, it was very expensive for me. So I decided to buy a printer for me to save money from printing all my projects outside. I bought a Canon MP258 printer. It is a 3 in 1 printer with scanner and photocopier. It really did help me a lot.

    Since I started using it, it works fine. I never encountered any problems or errors. But we all know that with its original ink cartridge is very costly. Although you can have your ink refilled through an injecting a refill ink to it, it is still not so practical for me.  I did save money, but it still gives me hassles ‘coz the ink you can inject inside the cartridge is not that much. And in my situation, I need to print a lot of projects. I cannot save enough time especially when I’m in a hurry. I always remove the cartridge, inject an ink again and put it back to the printer. 

    After having a lot of troubles, I decided to bring my printer to a technician to be converted. Having your printer converted can be a bit expensive you sure can save money in the future and also time. At first it was working properly. I did save time because I do not need to remove and refill the cartridge over and over again. I also did save money because I can just buy a much cheaper ink than the original one. Until, I decided to bring my printer to my parent’s house. When I arrived, the ink hose has an air inside so I just released the air and it is still working fine. But after how many days of using it, it started giving me problems.

    The first problem I entered was, when I tried printing, the paper always jams. Sometimes the paper just eats and releases a lot of paper. Even when I tried photocopying the problem still occurs. But if I use the scanner, it works fine so I got confused.

    Then there comes another problem. When I am trying to print any document or photo, it would just eat the half of the paper but won’t release it.  And on my laptop screen, a dialog box would pop-up telling me that the output tray is closed even when it is open. I checked the LED indicator of my printer, it gave me an error code E,0,3.

    These are the solutions I have tried that maybe would also help solve your printer problem.

  • Press the reset button for at least 15 to 20 seconds.
               >>> It this does not solve your problem, maybe there is something inside your                          printer.

  • Put a not so thick cardboard on the paper tray and let you printer eat and release. The cardboard can help releasing or pushing the thing inside if there is.
               >>> I did this one, and it helped resolve the paper jam problem of my printer.

  • If your printer in on a converted ink system (CIS), check your ink hose and adjust it a bit because maybe it is touching the sensor of the printer of your printer.
                >>> This one is the reason why I always got a closed output tray problem.

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